SOVA is an exhibition group of Visual Artists. Our very first show as a formal group was September 2014 , and we were part of the Festival at Visual Arts Mississauga. In the photo , you see from left to right, Helen Duplassie, Jeff Williams,Charlene Nickels, Robert Chisholm, and Lynden Cowan.  All of us had been friends for a number of years, so it really was a natural progression to show our work together.
 In 2015 several members of SOVA exhibited in the Twist Gallery. We enjoyed the opening reception and being able to display our work there.
 Lynn Schumacher at the Opening Night of the Artists Project in Toronto, 2015.
 SOVA artists Steve Wilson, and Margaret Pardy exhibited at The Arts Project in London, Ontario in October 2015 , to assist with the anti bullying campaign. Also in the photo is Kelly McNeil, a popular wildlife artist, "high fiving" Jeremy Grace.
 SOVA members also become involved in out of the ordinary art projects. For the Pan Am games held in 2015, several of us were involved in "painting horses", which were then exhibited throughout the Headwaters area and eventually sold. Here you see the main set up at Windsong Equestrian Centre, as the artists work on their projects. Robert Chisholm can be seen in the green shirt.
 Robert Chisholm and Lynden Cowan painting on "Alton the Handsome". Several other Alton Mill artists were also involved, and the artists painted in the white "hands". 
 Many of the SOVA members have their studios at the Alton Mill Arts Centre, 1402 Queen Street West, Alton On.  Always lots to see and experience there. Open daily from 10 till 5 pm, but closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, unless there are special events going on.
P1080668-768x1024.jpg Alton Sign.jpg
 In 2015 SOVA held an exhibition of their work in the Fall's Gallery which is located on the second floor of the Alton Mill Arts Centre.  Here you see Paulette Murphy and Robert Chisholm "setting a wall".
 There is a lot of extra work involved when getting an exhibition ready. Janette Williams and Steve Wilson are preparing and sorting out the labels for the artworks.
 Robert Chisholm and Steve Wilson busy hanging the show in the Falls Gallery. Note the walls in the Fall's Gallery. The Alton Mill Arts Centre was originally built in the 1880's, and has been designated a Heritage Building. As such, the walls are preserved and this really adds to the atmosphere of this wonderful building.
 In October 2015 Lynden Cowan and Lynn Schumacher were selected and exhibited at the McMichael Gallery in Kleinberg. It was a first year for Lynden , but for Lynn... it was year number eight  !
 One of the students that Lynden had taught years ago came to surprise her at the McMichael exhibit. The previous student is holding a photo taken of her during an exhibit, when the student was a little girl. A nice surprise!
 2015 was year number eight for Lynn Schumacher at the McMichael Gallery. 
 Lynn Schumacher was also an exhibitor at "The Artist Project", a very special,prestigious  show held in Toronto.
 Artist Helen Duplassie at the opening reception of the 9th Annual Open Juried show at Beaux Arts Brampton., April 7/16. Helen's beautiful painting of the red flowers in a vase was selected for the exhibition. 
  SOVA artists Lynden Cowan, Robert Chisholm and Charlene Nickels are exhibiting at Theatre Orangeville, 87 Broadway , Orangeville from April 22nd to June 3rd, 2016.
  Congratulations Margaret. Margaret will be demonstrating how she accomplishes her spectacular scratchboard pieces at the exhibit in Carabram Canada Pavilion Friday, July 8th from 6 to 10 pm on 23 Regan Road in the Unifor building. (Exhibit July 8, 9 and 10/ 16.) If you miss this chance to visit with Margaret you can see her in her studio at the Alton Mill Arts Centre.
  Artist   Helen Duplassie   beside her  dye on silk painting, “Sumac,” which  took second prize at “The Rose Garden Show” at Beaux-Arts, Brampton, July 2016.
 Artist Margaret Pardy in her booth at the Autumn Art Sale October 2016 in the McMichael Art Gallery in Kleinberg. Several of Margaret`s unique artworks sold during the weekend.
 Artist Robert Chisholm was part of the Kawarthas Arts Festival September 2016.
VAM 39 Annual Juried Show
 Janice Ykema was selected for the 2016 Artist Project.
 SOVA artist Janice Ykema at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair with Countess Sophie admiring her work.
 Artist Janice Ykema with MP Peter Kent at the Korean Embassy.
 Artists Lynn Schumacher, Janice Ykema and Paulette Murphy at the Meet the Artists reception at the Holcim Gallery April 2017.
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