Award-winning artist Helen Duplassie utilizes several media in her work, including watercolour, oils, acrylics and dye on silk. Loving the soft and delicate intermingling of watercolours, she is primarily a landscape artist but also enjoys painting flowers, people and still life. “My drawings and paintings are images from life.ᅠWhen I see someone who moves me, or a beautiful scene, flower, or tree, that sight becomes my art.” Helen is presently a member of Beaux-Arts Brampton, The Brampton Arts Council, The North Brampton Watercolour Society and Visual Arts Brampton’s portrait group, as well as the Southern Ontario Visual Artists. Discover Helen Duplassie and her art in depth, at:
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 Dye on silk
 Dye on silk
 Dye on silk
 Dye on silk
 Dye on silk
 Artist Helen Duplassie at the opening reception of the 9th Annual Open Juried show at Beaux Arts Brampton., April 7/16. Helen's beautiful painting of the red flowers in a vase was selected for the exhibition. 
 Artist Helen Duplassie with one of  her artworks that was exhibited at the Holcim Gallery April 10 to 30, 2017.
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 Helen in the blue shirt painting on location.
  Artist  Helen Duplassie  beside her  dye on silk painting, “Sumac,” which  took second prize at “The Rose Garden Show” at Beaux-Arts, Brampton, July 2016.    Helen does beautiful dye on silk artwork which demonstrate her artistic skill.
 Artist Helen Duplassie creating a scene on a maple leaf background for charity.
Ireland, Antrim Coast
 Helen Duplassie painting plein air at Scottsdale farm.
 This artwork was STOLEN from the exhibition in the Sisnett Lobby, Aug 2017.
 Titled "Windy Day" by Helen Duplassie.
 This watercolour by Helen Duplassie is titled "The White House".
 "Trees Landscape" is a watercolour by Helen Duplassie.
 Artist  Helen Duplassie in front of her artwork , November 2017, during an exhibition in the Falls Gallery at the Alton Mill Art Centre with the North Brampton Watercolour Society.
 Helen Duplassie hard at work.
  Jug and Fruit   16 by 20 inches  oil
 Artist Helen Duplassie doing plein air painting of a house on Main Street, Acton
 Helen visiting the Steve Wilson’s Studios and The Gallery , 4681 Queen St, Niagara when dropping off her work for an exhibition there, Sept/19.
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