Lynden Cowan has been painting most of her life. This self-taught artist is drawn to the Canadian landscape and is noted for her ability to make the viewer feel that they are part of the scene. Her preferred medium is oil on canvas, but the artist also enjoys working with a variety of other materials, such as painting on GPS and egg tempura.     The artist has many limited edition giclee prints to her credit, and these are done on archival quality paper, or canvas.     Lynden's original works can be found in private and corporate collections across North America, and she invites you tovisit her online at...   Or email her at         
 I have always been fascinated by the intricate, detailed beauty of swamps. Most people , do not take the time to actually stop and admire the life cycle found in the wetlands. This particular scene is located on the 15th sideroad, north of Palgrave ,Ontario.
  The Rattling Brook Falls is a beautiful  waterfall located in Newfoundland, not far from St. John's.
 Gage Park is located in downtown Brampton, Ontario. Always a popular destination, both in winter and warmer seasons.
 Always fun to do in the fall, is to play in the fallen leaves. The children here are jumping in the freshly made piles at Gage Park, Brampton. This is how the park appeared before the circular rink for ice skating was was built.
 A small woodland stream that is a very familiar setting in Canada.
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 Mr. McGregor's House was popular for years as an ice cream parlour in Kleinberg, Ontario. It has now been repurposed , but the ambience that was there for years remains etched in our memory.
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 Very large painting owned by the City of Brampton to remember Ken Whillans who drowned while on vacation.
 This beautiful scene , titled "Mackeral Sky", is from Beach Meadows, Nova Scotia. Mackeral clouds are called such because of the "ribbing" effect.  Old seaman's poem...  Mackeral Sky, Mackeral Sky,  Sometimes wet and sometimes dry.
 Lynden was a Featured Artist for Artsy Shark (small number selected from across North America ) for August , 2016.  Just copy and Paste the Link
"Winter Solitude"
 SOVA artist Lynden Cowan in her shared studio at Alton Mill Arts Centre, holding a "just finished " painting titled Gully, 24 by 30 inches oil on canvas,which was one of her two pieces selected for the Colour and Form Society 65th annual juried exhibition in 2017.
 "Gully" is a 24 by 30 inch oil on canvas painting, completed in July 2017.
 Artist Lynden Cowan at the opening reception for the Uxbridge Celebration of Hearts 2017 exhibition. Her painting  "Ucluelet"  was one of 55 artworks selected from 289.
  Johnny Bower passed away on Boxing Day, 2017 . I always thought of him as a very personable, sweet man. In 2005, I was selected to create a painting for Peel Regional Police to be presented to Johnny as he was their Honorary Police Chief. They had certain key elements they wanted in the painting, and the family sent private photos so they could surprise him at a banquet. I painted the background as a feeling of ice to tie all the elements together. Johnny, you will be missed.
 Gully was selected for the prestigious Visual Arts Mississauga 41st Annual Juried show .
 Miners Bay is a painting of a scene located about ten km south of Minden, Ontario.
 The Sunbathers is a small painting of two friends enjoying the afternoon sunshine in the Caledon area.
 Meshed is a scene from Ecum Secum, Nova Scotia on the family homestead.
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 Rocky Point, P.E.I. is a 30 by 30 inch oil on canvas painting.
 Ribbit is a 10 by 12 inch oil on canvas painting by Lynden Cowan
 Naptime is a 12 by 16 inch oil on canvas painting by SOVA artist Lynden Cowan.
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