Into Summer


Saturday , June 22nd, was the official opening of the lovely Steve Wilson Studios and The Gallery, 4681 Queen Street, Niagara Falls. The grand opening was well attended with local dignitaries, and visitors from USA , coming across the bridge specifically to attend. CONGRATULATIONS STEVE !!


Above photo, left to right, Landlord Sal, Chair of the BIA , Ron, then MPP Wayne Gates, Steve Wilson, Lori Lococo, Steve’s wife Cathie, and Councillor Barbara Greenwood.


Lynne is pleased to announce that she has added another gallery to her easel. You can now find this wonderful artists artwork, in Brights’s Galleries in Blue Mountain, as well as in Steve Wilson’s Studios and The Gallery, in Niagara Falls.

Head_06 (2).jpg


Artist Lynden Cowan has kept busy painting each day.. Just recently, she received the results of the Artavita competition, which she had entered with her piece Rocky Point,P.E.I., a 30 by 30 inch oil painting on canvas . First prize was your artwork on the front cover, second prize, your artwork on the back cover, and third prize was a four page presentation in the International Contemporary Masters Volume 13, of the World Wide Art Book publication. They had 4,185 artworks submitted from 1,427 international artists and had the three prize winners selected from 200 Finalists. Lynden was one of the Finalists.

Rocky Point PEI by Lynden Cowan.jpg

As well, Lynden’s artwork has been published in Issue 14 ( she is on page nine) of Spotlight Magazine. The international magazine is published out of France, and is a total of 104 pages and includes a unique selection of artists from around the world working in variety of media and curated together to tell the story of what art look likes today. The magazine is fully available online and is on the Circle Foundation website here.

click on the link.

The e-magazine is also available to read in a full screen reader on Issuu (the internet's most popular publishing platform) here:



You can also view Lynden’s artwork on Instagram @lyndencowan, or Facebook and Linkedin at Lynden Cowan Visual Artist, or her website,


Margaret has been spending multiple hours daily preparing for the large Buckhorn show coming up. This artist has multiple , intricate pieces that will be available for the public. You can also find her in her studio at the Alton Mill Arts Centre.



Artist Charlene Nickels has been sharing her time between painting in her studio at the Alton Mill Arts Centre and Prince Edward Island where she is working on new subjects.

Shown is a recent painting that is almost complete, but not quite. Beautiful.

20190615_150854 (2).jpg


Janice has been involved in multiple shows the past several weeks, constantly on the go, but still manages to squeeze in painting hours. Her new pieces have a unique flair to them, and when the viewer is fortunate to see her artwork, they know without looking at the signature, who the artist is.

Janice is the one on the right :D

Janice is the one on the right :D

6A495821-D6BE-4EC3-A4BA-7D7770B657E9 (3).JPG

Tent display at one of the recent exhibitions that Janice was involved in.


Joanne has just returned from spending an amazing three week sailing trip up to Manitoulin Island and the North Channel.

Much of her time was spent sketching, painting and snapping images for future paintings.

Beautiful scenery to inspire future artwork.

Beautiful scenery to inspire future artwork.

20190702_151423 (1).jpg

Joanne is in the "Diversity" group show in the Headwater's Arts Gallery with fellow artists Gita Karklins, Sue Street, Deb Menken and Ann Randeraad, from July 10 to August 11,2019. Opening reception is July 13 from 1pm to 4pm.


Time to get back to the easel. Hope you have a chance to meet your favourite artist in their studio, gallery or at an exhibition.


Springing Forward

Everything moves very quickly in our artist world. Most people envision artists as just sitting at their easel painting, but that is only part of it. You spend long hours , usually alone, working on your artwork, but there is so much more… travelling and searching out your subjects, planning the painting (which can take hours sometimes), interacting with galleries, doing up art proposals for a space you are interested in exhibiting in (takes days sometimes), setting up an exhibition, competitions, doing advertising , and on and on, and of course spending hours trying to keep the website up to date so the public knows what you are doing.

Will try and bring you up to speed here.


gallery and me.jpg

Congratulations are in order for Steve Wilson who has opened a beautiful new gallery in Niagara Falls, Ontario, and is now finding that not only is he having visitors from other provinces stopping in to see his gallery, but because of the proximity to the United States on the other side of the Falls, he is also greeting American buyers , and tourists from other parts of the world who have come to see Niagara Falls.

Steve has space to work on his own paintings while tending to the gallery, and there is also room for individual artists to leave paintings on consignment, or rent the gallery for individual exhibitions.

SOVA has rented the gallery for September 2019, and we are looking forward to it.

the gallery banner FB2 working (1).jpg
IMG-3406 (1).jpg

All of the SOVA artists participate in other exhibitions throughout the year, not just the Southern Ontario Visual Artists shows. Here you see an overall view of the different booths, and of Steve’s booth at the Pelham Arts Festival, May, 2019.



Congratulations are also in order for SOVA artist Margaret Pardy who was recently elected to membership in the prestigious Society of Canadian Artists group.

Recently Margaret was also involved in an Ontario Society’s New Members exhibition at Neilson Park Creative Centre and you can see below Three’s Company on display.

Currently two pieces titled The Pack and Birds Eye View are showing until June 4th at the Steve Wilson Studios and The Gallery in Niagara Falls.


Margaret has also been involved in the SOVA show at the Assembly Hall April 3rd to May 9th, and has been working hard to accomplish new work for up coming shows.

This is the most recent artwork done by Margaret, beautiful scratch boards, titled What’s Your Point and Out of the Darkness are presently exhibited at the Alton Mill Arts Centre.

Margaret will be giving a talk on Scratchboard at the Don Valley Arts Club on May 24th.


What’s Your Point by Margaret.

Out of the Darkness ii website (2).jpg

Out of The Darkness by Margaret

Margaret is also available on Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram.



Congratulations are also in order for SOVA artist Lynden Cowan, who was also elected to membership in the prestigious Society of Canadian Artists, and is looking forward to exhibiting with them in their next exhibition in Quebec.

This busy artist also is now aligned with the Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona who have been in their location since 2001 and are now opening a second gallery in Pinetop, Arizona.

Gallery (1).jpg xanadu.jpg

As well, Lynden was just published again by the Circle Foundation, this time is Spotlight 12. This international publication out of France. . This is the section from the magazine where the artists are shown, and you can find this artist on page 24.


From the Magazine….We present a unique selection of 95 remarkable fine artists that should be collected. We examine works in photography, painting, sculpture, mixed media, collage, illustration, drawing and installation that are curated together to tell the story of what art looks like today. Each unique page is an introduction to the artist’s practice and their ideas on art-making and the magazine functions as a who-is-who in fine art today. Enjoy leafing through this magazine, visit each artist’s website to see more about their art and inquire with us or them directly to acquire a piece, hire the artist, or collaborate with them.

As well as her website, you can find this artist on Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram under Lynden Cowan Visual Artist.


Charlene has just completed a special workshop in Cambridge using water colours and silk. This is an amazing technique that Charlene is able to quickly master because of her control with watercolours. As well as frequently working in her studio in the Alton Mill Arts Centre, this artist has also been involved in the SOVA show in Etobicoke at the Assembly Hall.


Here you see Charlene working on her beautiful artwork using silk.


Charlene has also been working hard to perfect her technique of free flowing inks in her paintings. Two of them are shared here.



We are sad to see Joanne move out of the Alton Mill Arts Centre , but she does plan on returning after completing exciting family adventures. Before she left , she held a workshop on Gelli Printing , instructing both several members of the public and a few fellow artists.


Presently Joanne is exhibiting at the Gibson Centre in Alliston in the PRNT Collective’s Woodblock Exhibition.

PRNT Collective invit (1).jpg

Show is on from April 24th to June 9th.

Joanne is also exhibiting in the Headwaters Show "Art Squared". Running from April 24 to May 26.


As well as being busy with the recent SOVA exhibitions in the Holcim Gallery in Milton and the Assembly Hall in Toronto, Helen also donated two paintings to Wellspring Cancer Fundraiser Fashion Show, raffle, and  auction held Sunday April 28th at T.J. Red’s at Main and Vodden, in Brampton.

Canadian artists try to support one or two charities a year.

fullsizeoutput_302 (1).jpeg

Above is the beautiful artwork donated by Helen. Deeply appreciated .


Robert has also been busy exhibiting with the rest of the SOVA artists, and is spending more time in his studio at the Alton Mill Arts Centre. Visitors will find him painting about 4 days a week there.


Robert has several new pieces available for art appreciators, and below are two of them.


Beautiful acrylic, 24 by 24 inches titled On the Web


Spirit Tree, 24 by 24 inch acrylic


Janice has exhibited with the rest of the SOVA artists in our two recent shows, but has also been been extremely busy with a hectic number of other exhibitions.

One of the recent shows was the Arts on the Credit, and you see below Janice with her booth in the exhibition, and one of her recent pieces..


A new painting by Janice titled Snapseed.

We hope you will have the chance to meet with your favourite artist. The summer is coming soon and all artists are involved in multiple shows so we will try and keep you up to date as to who is where, and when.

Back to the Easel,


Moving towards Spring

This time of the year is when the SOVA artists are sliding into their busiest months (not that is is any easier in the winter. We have a new brochure this year , but I will let you peek at it here.

outside sova 2019 small.jpg
inside sova 2019.jpg

Here I will try and bring you up to date for some of the artists. All SOVA artists have been busy preparing for our four Southern Ontario Visual Artist’s exhibitions this year, as well as competitions and other exhibitions. Our first one for the year is at the Holcim Gallery.

Holcim show e-invite.jpg resized.jpg



Steve has moved to Niagara Falls , On, and is now making a studio space with galleries at 4681 Queen St, which is great news for our American followers, because SOVA artists will be doing a show there in April as Steve opens his gallery, and in September the Southern Ontario Visual Artists . More news of this new Gallery in the next blog update, but interested artists from other areas can contact Steve looking for available rental dates.



SOVA artist Lynden Cowan has started the new year well. Her painting GULLY was one of the 41 paintings selected for the prestigious VAM 41st Annual Juried Show at the Art Gallery of Mississauga.

resized gully.jpg

As well Lynden was selected as one of the few Finalists for the Circle Foundation's International Artist of the Year competition with my painting Ucluelet. The competition was open to all artists, world wide and had 863 artists enter.

The Circle Foundation added some comments on the artist’s work from their jurors...

"Your painting is really unique and has many recognizable qualities, which is an important characteristic in an artist's practice and career.

Ucluelet really stood out and I hope we can feature it soon in our magazines or online gallery."

resized ucluelet.jpg
Rocky Point, P.E.I medium.jpg lighter.jpg resized.jpg

This is Lynden’s recently finished 30 by 30 inch oil on canvas painting, title Rocky Point , P.E.I.



Joanne has been busy creating new print, and paintings for upcoming SOVA shows. Recently she was involved in a successful exhibition in the Falls Gallery in the Alton Mill Art Centre.

Above you see some of Joanne’s new artwork.


Several times through the week you will find Robert is his shared studio , 202 at the Alton Mill Arts Centre, creating new artwork for the many shows he is involved in this year.

Robert standing beside his almost finished painting.

Robert standing beside his almost finished painting.

The finished painting is acrylic, 16 by 48 inches titled “Uxbridge Farm.”

The finished painting is acrylic, 16 by 48 inches titled “Uxbridge Farm.”



Charlene has been working with different media with beautiful results.Below is a a new painting titled A Walk in the Park using alcohol ink and mixed media, with stunning results.

20190220_095545-1-1 (1).jpgresized.jpg


Helen has been painting to get ready for the upcoming SOVA shows in Milton and at the Assembly Hall, and has been the lead organizer for both exhibitions for the Southern Ontario Visual Artist, so kept very busy.

As well, this talented artist has been working on a painting of her grandsons.


The Southern Ontario Visual Artists are a very hard working group, and we hope you will get to meet your favourite artist at one of our upcoming exhibitions.

Artistically yours,


Caledon Citizen Article

Article in the Orangeville Citizen Dec 21/2018. 

A minor points, Joanne has her own studio, the third studio mate is actually Charlene Nickels. But nice write up. :)

By Constance Scrafield

From left to right, Margaret Pardy, Lynden Cowan,Robert Chisholm and Joanne Lomas.

From left to right, Margaret Pardy, Lynden Cowan,Robert Chisholm and Joanne Lomas.

What is wonderful about the Alton Mill Arts Centre in Alton is being able to meet the artists whose work is on display either in the Centre or/and in their own studios. A person can meet them, talk to them about their work and, in many cases, attend their workshops.

Sunday afternoon seemed a good time to get to know at least a few of the artists who have their studios located upstairs at the Mill. So, we popped into the office to say hello to Pearl Schachter, manager of marketing, and went with her upstairs to meet Karen Brown, the most recently installed of the artists, and the new co-owner of The Hive, the Encaustic studio.

“Encaustic is an ancient beeswax based paint which is applied and heated to create rich layers of unique depth and luminosity,” says the studio’s hand out card.

Encaustic artist Karen Brown was happy to elaborate about the art form and why she and Kim Kool, another encaustic artist, have taken over the studio.

“Andrea and Dan were here for eight or nine years,” she began. “When they said they were closing the encaustic studio [for personal reasons], the community panicked. I had been doing mobile workshops and liked the idea of being settled in a studio and Kim had been mobile too. So, I called her and asked her, ‘What you think about taking it over ?’ I couldn’t handle it on my own and she didn’t say no right away.”

They opened the studio, now under their auspices, on October 1 with a good take on workshops: “We want to keep the essence of the Hive, although Andrea and Dan did more technique. Kim and I are offering workshops for beginners where they get to go home with a piece in wax. We do photos in encaustic which is really popular.”

Here is how that works: “You send me a photo over email and I print it on hand-made paper. Then, in the workshop, you put your photo into an encaustic painting. There are some beautiful and unique results.”

As well, she said, “We do advanced classes; we let people come and use our stuff and charge for it by the hour. They like it because it’s hard to have all this in your home. Encaustic means using heat with the beeswax.”

Naturally, they have their our own original paintings for sale too.

“People love the encaustic,” said Ms. Brown. “We’re going to be fine here.”

Relatively new to the Alton Mill is Sherry Park, portrait artist in oils, primarily, while she also does watercolour paintings of nature and flowers.

“I’ve been here since March,” she informed us. “I went to OCAD University (formerly Ontario College of Art and Design) to study painting and visual arts for four years. I painted in Florence (Italy) for a year as part of the course. I still go to a portrait sessions at a studio in Brampton. You can go and just sit in on the sessions to paint the models.”

As we looked at her quite interesting approach to faces, she went on, “I started painting when I was five years old. After OCAD, I did pharmaceutical technology and I have been doing that for 15 years. I’m still doing that work. It gives me good balance. At work, there’s lots of interaction with people. Then, painting is creative and you work alone. It’s very engaging.”

In a studio big enough for three artists, Lynden Cowan, Robert Chisholm and Joanne Lomas display their work and create more. It is, at once, a busy and a calm place to visit.

Ms. Cowan has a list of commendations and awards that have seen her work displayed in London, England with the Viva Canada and, in association with the Circle Foundation, to Lyons in France, which pleased her very much.

She and eight other artists have formed their own group, Southern Ontario Visual Artists (SOVA), doing four shows a year only. Beside those, they each participate in other shows throughout the year. Three of them travelled together to the Maritimes to enjoy the inspiration other scenes could offer.

Ms. Cowan’s style loves the detail of nature, which she reflects in imposing paintings, with boldness and rich colours, not straying particularly from nature’s own choices. Her paintings offer a challenge to the viewer to see into her detail and, perhaps, wish to be there.

Mr. Chisholm’s, SOVA, works are primarily long landscapes, tending to big paintings and he was working on one while we were there. It was, as he told us, by the rail junction at the Tim Hortons on the west end of Orangeville.

Across the hall is Margaret Sarah Pardy, another Alton Mill member of SOVA, who discovered a few years ago the art of black painting, as it were. In her case, she buys hard boards, painted stark white and, then, covered in black, perfect for scratching out art. Fabulous.

She has a tool with five little needles or pins bonded together and installed in a small holder, which she uses, holding it this way and that, to make different strokes and angles. Some of her pictures are straight white on black; some, she involves colour into the white, once she has etched out the details of the figures.

Wildlife dominates Ms. Pardy’s work and she travels the country to observe them, especially in animal sanctuaries, and continues to engage in workshops with eminent Canadian wildlife artists.

One of her paintings is going to be installed in the Ontario parliament buildings at Queen’s Park next year. She is quite excited about that. This year, she was also accepted into the Ontario Society of Artists.

Our next studio-of-call was the office/studio of Margi Taylor-Self, the longest-term artist’s studio at the Alton Mill, at 15 years. Ms. Taylor-Self loves the Alton Mill.

Says she, “We were here before the Arts Centre was official. It’s just everything: so much inspiration. Some mix of quiet time to work and then there’s interaction with the public and other artists.”

Ms. Taylor-Self handles the leasing side of the Mill’s affairs and is looking for the right person to lease a corner studio; could be someone who does visual art that is not painting.

The main floor of the Alton Mill is given over to artisans and galleries. For longevity at the Mill, after Margi Taylor-Self, Anne Marie Warburton with her Gallery Gemma has been there the longest. Ms. Warburton’s space is a glamorous jewellery gallery, offering her work and that of selected jewellery designers from around the world. Ms. Warburton decided mid-career to re-invent herself. She abandoned her sales work and went back to school to study making jewellery at a very high end with precious metals and fine gems; she went back to school to also study jewellery as a business.

For this Christmas season, Gallery Gemma is open Monday, Christmas Eve, using the smaller entrance into the Alton Mill, as the rest of the Mill will be closed that day.

The new Rare Threads gallery, as it were, a beautiful space running adjacent to Gallery Gemma, will also be open Christmas Eve.

Over this coming weekend, as every weekend, Alton Mill, Headwaters Gallery, Noodle Gallery, the artists’ studios upstairs and Mark Grice downstairs are all open from today, Thursday, through to Sunday.

Anne Marie Warburton commented on her extra opening hours, “When men want to shop, they don’t look up our website, they just drive here and show up. What would be a better Christmas present than something hand-made?”

For a full list of artists, artisans and galleries, check the

Year End Wrap Up

So now 2018 is drawing to a close soon, and for the Artists in the Southern Ontario Visual Artists, it has been a busy , artistic year. Our last SOVA exhibition of the year was at the Artusiasm Gallery (on until Dec 8th ).


A wonderful,successful opening reception was held on Nov 30, complete with music, appetizers and best of all, several sales of artwork.

Seven of the SOVA artists were engaged in this exhibition.

Five of the SOVA artists, left to right, Janice Ykema, Robert Chisholm, Helen Duplassie, Margaret Pardy and Charlene Nickels.

Five of the SOVA artists, left to right, Janice Ykema, Robert Chisholm, Helen Duplassie, Margaret Pardy and Charlene Nickels.


As well as being one of the SOVA artists in the Artusiasm Gallery exhibition, Lynden is happy to announce that her painting "Gully" has been selected for the VAM's 41st Annual Juried Exhibition, which will be at the Art Gallery of Mississauga .
This exhibition begins in January,and continues to March 16, with the opening reception Thursday, January 10,2019 from 6 to 8 pm. They had 230 entries and selected 41.


Lynden is also Happy to say that her painting Mackerel Sky won a Special Recognition Award in the Light,Space and Time 8th Annual Seascapes Competition 2018 . There were 561 entries from 22 Countries.

CowanL5 (1)_opt.jpg


Lynne has kept up her painting hours and has just been informed that "After the Rain" has been sold by Judy Smith at Westmount Galleries.


Lynne has also involved herself in the Community by doing a painting demonstration for the December Cultural weekend at the Cloverdale Mall with other members of the Colour and Form Society.



Margaret was also one of the SOVA artists exhibiting at the Artusiasm Gallery, but also has some wonderful news to share.

CONGRATULATIONS to MARGARET , on being selected as a new member of the Ontario Society of Artists.

This is a wonderful Honour.




Robert can be found frequently , painting in his studio in Alton Mill. As well, Robert was one of the SOVA artists involved in the Artusiasm Gallery exhibition.



Joanne works long hours in her studio in Alton Mill. As well as participating in the latest SOVA exhibition, she has been busy making artistic Christmas Tree ornaments with other Alton Mill artists . Proceeds from the sale benefit local charity. Below you see Joanne on the left with Margi Taylor, also an artist at Alton Mill.



Both of these wonderful SOVA artists participated in the Artusiasm Gallery Exhibition, and painting in their studios in preparation for upcoming shows.


Above is SOVA Artist Janice Ykema, and below is SOVA Artist Charlene Nickels.




SOVA artist Helen Duplassie has been extremely busy lately. As well as being involved in the Artusiasm Gallery Exhibition, Helen was also down to visit the Ontario Legislature , where one of her paintings was selected for display.

Helen seated for lunch in front of her painting.

Helen seated for lunch in front of her painting.

As well, One of Helen’s pieces, “Sumac,” was juried into the “3rd Annual Overzealous Fine Art Exhibition” at the Neilson Park Creative Centre. This is a beautiful, dye on silk artwork.


To round out an already busy schedule, Helen is exhibiting in a members show at Beaux Arts Brampton this month.

Well, that really is a year end wrap up. You will see new works from all of the SOVA artists in the new year, and we also have scheduled exhibitions in 2019.

Hope to meet you in our studios or at our exhibitions.

Artistically Yours,



The SOVA artists are entering an extremely busy part of the year, and there just seems to be not enough time in the day for everything that needs to be accomplished.


Lynne has had several successes in the past few weeks. A number of artworks have been sold at different galleries, and this wonderful artist had an outstanding weekend of sales at the  McMichael Volunteers Fall Sale on October 19th - 21st..


Above are some of the paintings from Lynne Schumacher’s wall at the McMichael Volunteers Fall Sale in 2018.


Margaret also had a successful weekend at  McMichael Volunteers Fall Sale on October 19th - 21st..One new scratch board artwork titled “The Slouch”, made its debut at the weekend sale.

The Slouch website.jpg

This talented artist will be exhibiting  in the Alton Mill Falls Gallery , 1402 Queen Street West, Alton, with the North Brampton Watercolour Society November 6 til December 3rd.


Margaret getting ready for the Watercolour Show.

Margaret also had two pieces selected for the Colour and Form Society’s 66th Annual Juried Exhibition which runs from November 1st - November 29th, at the Etobicoke Civic Centre. Grizzly Eye and What Big Teeth were both accepted into this show, but Grizzly Eye sold before it could be delivered for the exhibition.

Margaret is also very busy getting ready for the upcoming Southern Ontario Visual Artists upcoming show at the Artusiasm Gallery from November 29th to December 9th, 1684 St. Clair Ave., Toronto.


Robert had a successful exhibition and sale on the Thanksgiving weekend in Hockley Valley., and is busy getting ready for the SOVA show at the Artusiasm Gallery November 29th to December 9th

Above you see Robert working on a new painting in Studio 202 at the Alton Mill Arts Centre. Of course, part of the process of creating a new artwork is to take time to pause and study your work, to make sure it is heading in the direction you want. The last photo is the finished artwork , a beautiful acrylic, 60 by 36 inches.


Helen is part of a Portrait group and was involved with them in a Portrait show at Artways in Shoppers World Brampton recently. As well, this busy artist joined several other artists in an exhibition at the Four Corners Library in Brampton until October 26th.

Artist Helen, is also a member of the North Brampton Watercolour Society and will be a participant in their exhibition at the Falls Gallery at the Alton Mill Arts Centre from November 6th to December 3rd.

“Rattlesnake Point” , is one of Helen’s artworks and is on display at the Legislative Assembly in Toronto until the end of December. This lovely 16 by 20 inch artwork is already Sold.


Helen is also busy getting ready for the SOVA show at the Artusiasm Gallery November 29th to December 9th .


Artist Steve Wilson has been in the process of moving to Niagara Falls, but don”t worry, when he gets his studio there set up, we will give you more information… and of course he will be participating in SOVA exhibitions.


SOVA artist Lynden Cowan has had a busy month. Her painting "Ucluelet" was selected for the Colour and Form Society's 66 Annual Open Juried Exhibition, that will be held at the Etobicoke Civic Centre from November 1st to November 24th.

The Circle Foundation of the Arts from Lyon, France just released this new video and Lynden is at about the 3 min 40 sec part, and is also on their website in the “Artists to Watch” section.

Lynden just completed two paintings, and both are sold. The first one is titled “Meshed”, and is a 16 by 20 inch oil painting showing a wooded area in Ecum Secum, Nova Scotia where the trees have joined together to try and with stand the blustery sea winds , from the nearby ocean. The two little painted turtles is an 8 by 10 inch oil painting titled “The Sunbathers”, showing two friends basking in the afternoon sun, in their pond in Caledon, Ontario.

“The Sunbathers “ was entered into the Light/Space/Time gallery 8th Annual Nature Competition where it Won a Special Merit Award .
They had 742 entries from 22 countries.
Here is a Link to the Nature exhibition, you tube video that you can copy and paste, that the gallery produced. “The Sunbathers” is about the 2 minute, 53 second area.

Lynden is also getting ready for the SOVA show at the Artusiasm Gallery November 29th to December 9th .


Joanne has been working at the easel to prepare for the upcoming SOVA exhibition at the Artusiasm Gallery, but has also honoured to be selected to exhibit artwork at the Milcroft Inn in Alton.


Above you see Artist Joanne Lomas at the Milcroft Inn with some of her beautiful artwork.


Artist Charlene Nickels has been traveling back and forth to Prince Edward Island, and busy working towards the SOVA Artusiasm exhibition later this month. Here you see Charlene engaged in her artwork , of a scene from Prince Edward Island.

Lakeside Sand Dunes by Charlene Nickels

Lakeside Sand Dunes by Charlene Nickels

Charlene is also involved from Nov. 7 to Dec. 2, 2018 with the exhibition of the North Brampton Watercolour Society at the Falls Gallery, Alton Mills Art Centre. Opening Reception is Saturday, Nov. 17, 2018 @ 1:00 to 5:00pm.



Artist Janice Ykema has been involved in multiple shows the past few weeks including a booth at the Royal Agricultural Fair. As well, Janice is keeping up the pace, working on her artwork for the upcoming SOVA exhibition at the Artusiasm Gallery on St. Clair avenue this month.

She hopes to meet you there.

“ Looking Back”,  a beautiful new artwork by  artist Janice Ykema.

“ Looking Back”, a beautiful new artwork by artist Janice Ykema.

Above you see  Artist Janice Ykema  in her booth at the  Royal Agricultural Fair .

Above you see Artist Janice Ykema in her booth at the Royal Agricultural Fair.

That’s a brief update of our whirlwind artistic lives. Hope we get to meet you sometimes.

Back to the Easel,


Write here…

Entering Fall



These three SOVA artists were involved in a special exhibition in London, England, a unique ,International experience. There may be future overseas exhibitions with this group, and they are looking forward to it.


Artist Steve Wilson has been extremely busy lately,with his Solo show at the Artusiasm Gallery on St. Clair,preparing his artwork for shipping to the exhibition in London, England, but Steve also had a booth at the Carmel Fine Art and Music Festival,Sept 14 to 16th. This was followed immediately after with preparing for his Solo Show at the Hittite Gallery, in Yorkville. .

Artist Steve Wilson’s booth at the Carmel Fine Art and Music Festival.

Artist Steve Wilson’s booth at the Carmel Fine Art and Music Festival.

Artist Steve Wilson had some sales at his recent exhibition in the Hittite Gallery in Yorkville.

Artist Steve Wilson had some sales at his recent exhibition in the Hittite Gallery in Yorkville.


Artist Lynden Cowan was also involved in the International Exhibition in London, UK, titled
VIBE CANADA, held at the St. Mildred's Gallery, 15 - 22 September, 2018 .

As well, Lynden was invited to apply as a member to the Circle Foundation. She discovered that once the Circle Foundation of the Arts gives you an invitation to check them out , because they like your work, it is still a very stringent, jury process that you go through , before they decide if you are worthy. They look at your website, your CV, and several of your paintings, with a panel deciding about you.


About The Foundation ( from their website)
Our office is located in Lyon, France but we function as an international organization, currently representing over 300 artists in our online gallery. Circle Foundation is a platform for the active artist, orchestrating the development of a variety of visual arts projects. Our goal is to provide a stage for the remarkable visual artist, who can use this platform to publish, exhibit, win grants and awards, boost their resume and become established within a notable network.

This SOVA artist is happy to share with you part of the confirmation she received…... .
We have looked at your website and it is a pleasure to inform you that you have been accepted to become a CFA Affiliate Artist.


Artist Lynne Schumacher was the third SOVA artist that was included in the group that exhibited in London, England.

SchumacherL2 (1).jpg

Lynne is also busy preparing for the McMichael Show in Kleinberg being held Oct 19 to 21st. Above you see one of Lynne’s beautiful paintings titled "Spring Foliage" which was used on the cover for the McMichael exhibition. This original oil painting is 48"H x 36"W and has been Sold Dec 2017 from the Art Gallery of Ontario..


SOVA artist Margaret Pardy is also very busy preparing for the McMichael art show in Kleinburg October 19 to 21st.

As well Margaret had three pieces selected for the Headwaters juried exhibition but only two made it to be hung in this prestigious show because the third one was sold before Margaret could deliver it. :)

Margaret was also exhibited at the well Known PAMA Gallery in Brampton where two of her photos were accepted into the Community Contributions Digital Screen in the Canadian Wildlife Photography of the Year exhibition which is circulated by the Canadian Museum of Nature. The show will be on display until September 30th, 2018 at the PAMA Gallery 2. At the end of that time the show will be travelling across the country to other galleries.

These two stunning photographs are titled “Gaggle of Geese”, and “Mallard in Flight

Margaret was also in the well know annual Buckhorn Fine Art Festival where she sold two pieces of work. Eagle Eye II and Splash of Yellow.

To finish off the month of September for this busy artist, Barn Eye II has found a good home and is on its way to Melbourne, Australia.



Artist Robert Chisholm has been spending a lot of hours in his studio at the Alton Mill Arts Centre preparing for the 3rd Annual Art & Artisans Show and Sale which will be held at the Historic Hockley Village Hall, 994174 Mono Adjala Townline ( just south of the Hockley Village Store ). October 6,7 & 8.

As well, new artwork from Robert’s painting trip to Prince Edward Island are starting to appear in the Alton Mill studio.



Artist Joanne Lomas received the Merit of Distinction at the 2018  McMichael Canadian Art Collection Plein Air Competition. Joanne’s painting will be hung in the Community Gallery with the other winners in November.  

Congratulations Joanne.

We hope you get a chance to see the work of your favourite SOVA artist, and look forward to meeting you.

Back to the Easel,


Summer Speeding By"Stepping

All of the Southern Ontario Visual Artists have been extremely busy with exhibitions and subject hunting, as well as keeping up their painting hours.

Charlene Nickels

Charlene has been working in Prince Edward Island for over a month now, and has several wonderful works that will be exhibited when completed.

Steve Wilson, OSA,SCA,CFS,SOVA

IMG_20180809_160052 (1).jpg

Artist Steve Wilson had his painting  King and Yonge (seen above) accepted into the SCA 50th International Juried show July 25th -Aug 20th at the Papermill Gallery, Todmorden .


Steve has three major upcoming shows, so best to mark these on your calendar, so you have a chance to visit one of them.

The first exhibition is at the ARTUSIASUM GALLERY, 1684 St. Clair Ave. W. Toronto,  August21st to Sept 1st, with the opening reception August 24th, 7 to 9 pm. This is a wonderful 17 year retrospective of work this artist has done and how things have changed, and will include some of his 3 D work and a variety of subject matter.

2nd show that this artist is participating in is the Carmel Fine Arts Festival in Niagara Falls Sept 14-16 at Fireman's Park 2275 Dorchester Rd Niagara Falls Ontario

Steve's third show is at the Hittite Gallery in Yorkville Sept 19-30  107 Scollard St. Toronto opening reception TBA.

Lynne Schumacher

Artist Lynne Schumacher has been very busy preparing for the McMichael  Autumn Art Show and Sale , in Kleinburg, Oct 19 to Oct 21. 

Here you see Lynne"s husband Grant at her booth in the Mcmichael Show in 2017.

Here you see Lynne"s husband Grant at her booth in the Mcmichael Show in 2017.

Lynne has also  added 3 new paintings to her web site:

  1. A Bright Sunny Day in Caledon
  2. Summer in the Hills
  3. Afternoon Shadows

Joanne Lomas

Artist Joanne Lomas is a Founding Member of PRNT, an artist collective dedicated to fostering the printmaking arts. The fifteen founding members focus on both traditional and contemporary practices such as; letterpress, relief, intaglio, lithography and screen printing. 

PRNT strives to build audiences and interest in printmaking by engaging the broader creative community with its programs and exhibitions.

On July 15th, a partnership between the PRNT Collective and the Coldwater Canadiana Heritage Museum held a Lawn Roller Printmaking event on the grounds of the museum on Woodrow Road in Coldwater.  The artists were printing large woodblocks onto paper and textile using a lawnroller!


You can see more of this artists work in her studio at the Alton Mill Arts Centre. Come and visit, and ask your questions :)


Lynden Cowan

This SOVA artist has been extremely busy.

July 15th, Lynden was the featured artist in the Light/Space & Time Gallery publication because she was one of the 12 finalists in their International Competition. You can see more on her website in the Blog section.

Lynden's oil painting titled FiddleHeads was selected for the Society of Canadian artists 50th International Juried Show July 25th to Aug 20th at the Papermill Gallery in Todmorden, and on July 27th she was  notified that she had been   selected as a finalist in the Artavita on line International gallery competition from " over 250 high quality artist entries". They selected Ucluelet, Fiddleheads and Gully, three artworks for their exhibition of  50 artworks in the final selection.. 😊

From July 24th to July 31st Lynden flew to Prince Edward Island to work with two other SOVA artists, Charlene Nickels and Robert Chisholm to subject hunt, paint and feed the horseflies. They were up working every day about 5:30 am, and fell into bed exhausted by 9pm.

 Fusion Art selected three artworks for inclusion  in the 3rd Annual Artist's Choice (August 2018) International  Online Juried Art Exhibition.  Ucluelet, Rattlingbrook Falls and Twisted Tree were selected for the 140 displayed by Fusion. 
Lynden just finished a 24 by 36 inch oil painting, titled Miners Bay.. This setting is about 30 yards into the brush in the area known as Miners Bay , 10 km south of Minden , Ontario. 

miners bay medium.jpg

You can visit Lynden in her studio at the Alton Mill Arts Centre.

Janice Ykema

Janice has a hectic schedule preparing for several shows. She will be in the
-Cabbagetown Arts and Crafts Festival Sept 07,-09 10-6 Riverdale Park.
- Supercrawl September 13-16, James Street North, Hamilton

Artist Janice Ykema at the Oakville Art in the Park

Artist Janice Ykema at the Oakville Art in the Park


Stepping Out by Artist Janice Ykema

-Norfolk County Fair, October 2-8th, booth# Q10, 172 South Drive, Simcoe
-Lakeshore Art Trail,  October 13,-14th, Splash of Charm, Brant ave., Port Credit
 -Royal Agricultural Winter Fair , November 2-11, Heritage Court, Exhibition Place, Toronto.

Hope you get a chance to view her wonderful artwork.

Robert Chisholm

Robert is the third SOVA artist that went to Prince Edward Island to paint in July. He accomplished quite a lot of subject hunting , and though the horseflies and the heat were extreme, continued to work. 


In the last photo you see one of Robert's finished paintings, that you see him working on in the two previous photos.

This artist is also preparing for a fall exhibition in October, but while you are waiting, you can visit him in Studio 202 at the Alton Mill Arts Centre.

Helen Duplassie

Artist Helen Duplassie  has been painting plein air this summer in fields of Sunflowers, and other outdoor locations such as Rockwood and Kelso Conservation Areas and at the Acton Plein air event.

IMG_2063 (2).JPG

Above is Artist Helen Duplassie on location painting a house on Main Street Acton, and below is a recent painting of a Sunflower.


Margaret Sarah Pardy

Artist Margaret Pardy has accomplished several goals over the summer.  Her wonderful artwork Protecting the Nest was accepted into the Lives of Birds show at the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival, where she will also have a booth to display her work August 17 to 19.

Margaret released four new pieces: Barn Eye II, Cougar Eyes, Eagle Eye II and Bird on a Wire ), that will be debuting at the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival.  Drop by and visit to see the new artworks.

Three of Margaret's artworks ...titled Lone Bison, Splash of Yellow and Bird's Eye View  have been accepted for the prestigious  Headwaters Juried Show 2018.




We look forward to meeting you in our Studios, or at our shows.

Back to the Easel,

























Sliding into Spring

The Southern Ontario Visual Artists have been keeping very busy, lately.

Their exhibition at the Etobicoke Civic Centre wraps up this week, March 22nd, and they are preparing for their upcoming exhibition in the Carrier Gallery at the Columbus Centre beginning after May 3rd. More on that later.

Both artists Steve Wilson and Lynden Cowan were  interviewed by Fairchild TV for their "Whats On" segment today at the Etobicoke Civic Centre, show airs beginning of March, regarding the SOVA group.


As well, Steve Wilson also finished shooting a promo video with the Niagara Arts Showcase organization for the Carmel Fine Arts Festival in Niagara Falls Ontario



Margaret was selected for the fourth time , into the International Society of Scratchboard Artists juried exhibition. This is the Society's 7th annual exhibition with close to one third of the show comprised of artists from outside of the US including Australia, China, Canada, Germany, Iran and Switzerland. This one of a kind exhibition, of some of the finest scratchboard art globally, opens May 4th and runs to the 31st at the Middletown Arts Center, Middletown, OH.

 Birds Eye View and What Big Teeth were the two artworks selected.

What Big Teeth website.jpg
Birds Eye View iii website (1).jpg

Bird's Eye View and two others of Margaret's wonderful artworks were selected for the Society of Canadian Artist's   International On Line Juried exhibition and will be showing on the site from March 15 til June 15th.


Artist Lynden Cowan was pleased that she received notification and Congratulations that her painting titled “GULLY", was accepted for the Ontario Society of Artists 145th Annual Open Juried Exhibition. Out of 462 images, the jurors selected only 38 works in various media, including painting, photography and mixed media and 9 sculptures.

Exhibition Dates and Location
April 10 – May 4, 2018
John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto
900 Bay Street (at Wellesley), Macdonald Block
Toronto, ON M7A 1C2

opening reception April 12 from 6 to 8pm.


Hope to meet you at one of our exhibitions or visiting our studios.

Bye for now,









The Southern Ontario Visual Artists are pleased to announce that we have a new artist in our group.  We rarely accept new members, but are happy to say that Joanne Lomas from Alliston, Ontario is joining our group and will begin exhibiting with us in the Carrier Gallery at the Columbus Centre, later in the spring.

Joanne"s studio is in the Alton Mill Arts Centre, studio 208.

From Joanne.....


Though many of my works have an unconventional feel I am an avid En Plein Air painter of more traditional scenes.  Working from many locations as close as my backyard to my favourite hideaways on the North Channel I feel a connection with my surroundings as I paint. Loosely rendering, with multiple layers I express in my landscape compositions, not only the visual but emotional moments I experience outdoors.

Hope you have a chance to visit her.

Now a New Year

We are all looking forward to 2018, and are starting off the year with a wonderful exhibition at the Etobicoke Civic Centre running from January 31st to March 22nd, and a Meet the Artist January 31st from 7 to 9 pm.

sova ecc e-invite small.jpg

Other exhibitions are also planned with new work, at the Carrier Gallery in the Columbus Centre May 3rd to May 29th, and the Hittite Gallery in Yorkville June 20th to July 3rd. More on those later.


SOVA artists Steve Wilson and Robert Chisholm planning which artworks will be shown at the upcoming exhibition.  There is always a lot of "behind the scenes" workload for any art show.


Just Handing Out iii website.jpg

Margaret was kept very busy at the later part of 2017 and announced that she is " both thrilled and proud that my piece titled 'Just Hanging Out' was accepted into a prestigious juried show out of 820 entries that will be held at Yosemite National Park in California. It will then travel on to Sequoia National Park, Sierra National Forest, Ansel Adams Wilderness, Mono Lake, Bodie, the White Mountains and more. This is an amazing way to end a great year for my art career. Feeling very blessed.

As well as this wonderful news, Margaret was exhibited at the prestigious McMichael Gallery in Kleinberg for their fall show, and joined other SOVA artists exhibiting at the Art Square Gallery , with an opening reception during the Toronto Nuit Blanche Festival.

This wonderful artist also participated in the Carmel Fine Art Festival. September 15th to 17th. and was involved in an exhibition at the Alton Mill Arts Centre Falls Gallery, with the North Brampton Watercolour Society in November.

Mcmichael 2017 v.jpg

Margaret with her artwork at the McMichael Art Gallery in Kleinberg.

Carmel Fine Art Festival 2017 ix.jpg

The artist sitting her booth during the Carmel Fine Arts festival.

CFS 2017 Juried show.JPG

Margaret standing beside her artwork, LONE BISON, at the Colour and Form 2017 juried exhibition, held at the Etobicoke Civic Centre.


Steve has been involved in the Carmel Fine Arts Festival and also was selected for the Colour and Form Society 2017 juried exhibition.  September 26th to October 9th, Steve was one of the four SOVA artists showing at the Art Square Gallery in Toronto.

20170925_182244 (1).jpg

It takes a lot of work to get from the image below.

20170930_205640 (1).jpg

Come out to the exhibitions and see the wonderful artwork from this fine artist.


Artist  Steve Wilson being interviewed for the Niagara, at the Carmel Fine Arts Festival. One of Steve's artworks was selected for the Festival's calendar.



Lynden has had a very busy fall. This artist had one piece selected for the ADC 2017 International juried show in Cincinnatti (out of a field of over 2000 pieces), but also had her painting UCLUELET selected for the Uxbridge juried show.


This artist also had two paintings , TWISTED TREE and GULLY selected for the Colour and Form's 65th Juried show. Twisted Tree was also selected for the cover of their catalogue. as you can see in the top left image.

invite (2).jpg

Lynden was also one of the four SOVA artists exhibiting in the Art Square Gallery in Toronto.


Helen has been very busy painting , preparing for the 2018 shows, but also involved in exhibitions in the fall of 2017.


One of the exhibitions was with the North Brampton Watercolour Society , that she belongs to in the Falls Gallery at the Alton Mill Arts Centre.

NBWS 2017 i.JPG

In this photo of the North Brampton Watercolour Society artists, you can see SOVA artists Margaret Pardy, first on left, and Charlene Nickels fourth from the left with Helen beside her fifth from the left.


Charlene was also involved in the Falls Gallery exhibition at the Alton Mill Arts Centre, as you can see in the photo above.


This artist can be visited many weekends in Studio 202 in Alton Mill , working hard to prepare artwork for upcoming exhibitions.


Charlene was also one of the four SOVA artists in the Art Square Gallery in Toronto.


SOVA artists at the Art Square Gallery in Toronto during the opening reception. Left to right, Steve Wilson, Lynden Cowan and Charlene Nickels.



You will find Robert  many days of the week in his shared studio at the Alton Mill Arts Centre, painting, sometimes very late at night, preparing for exhibitions. 

This artist had successful shows in the fall at Fenelon Falls and also in Hockley Valley. 

Robert was also busy with several commissions that had seasonal deadlines for when they needed to be done.

All SOVA artists accept commissions.



Lynne has enjoyed multiple sales in multiple galleries the past few months, and looks forward to exhibiting in the SOVA exhibitions this year. This artist was also a participant in the prestigious McMichael Gallery show in Kleinberg in October.

Here you see Lynne's husband Grant showing some of her work.




Artist Janice Ykema  has been involved with the different SOVA shows in the  2017, as well as exhibiting at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto. The artist will be joining her fellow SOVA members in the ECC exhibition coming up at the end of January, but also has a Solo   show at the Assembly Hall, in  Etobicoke,,  February 26, to April 13 as well as an exhibition at
Arts on the Credit    April 13-15.


Janice Ykema  on her new painting "Meow Mixer ".

image1 (7).JPG

"Ralph and the Mackenzies"  24 by 36 inches


The Southern Ontario Visual Artists welcome all of you to join us at our exhibitions, or visit us in our studios. If individual galleries wish to talk to a particular artist, contact information is listed on their art pages on this website.

Please keep checking back for updates on your favourite artists.

Artistically Yours, 



Four of our wonderful VA artists are in an exhibition at the Art Square Gallery in Toronto, duringNuit Blanche.


Lynn Schumacher and Margaret Pardy are also working hard to finish work for the prestigious , upcoming McMichael Volunteer Committee, Autumn Art Sale Oct 20 to Oct 22.  More information as we get closer to the date.

Lynden Cowan was selected for the prestigious ART COMES ALIVE 2017 Juried exhibition at the ADC FINE ARTS gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio. Lynden's painting FIDDLEHEADS was one of the few artworks selected from over 2,000 entries.

Fiddleheads by Lynden Cowan, Oil 12x16, 2017 (1).jpg



Steve Wilson is also exhibiting one of his fine art pieces at the GALLERY HITTITE , September 28th to October 11.

107 Scollard St. TorontoM5R 1G4
416. 924. 4450

Wednesday - Saturday ( 12 - 6 PM )

Facebook:Gallery Hittite Toronto
416. 924. 4450


Helen Duplassie is involved in two exhibitions, 


The Tree Show”
Sept. 25 to Nov. 26, 2017
Neighbourhood Gallery
79 Hiawatha Road,
Toronto, ON
416 686 6809
Opening: Sun. Oct. 1, 12:00 to 1:00

“Portraits and Landscapes” Exhibition and Sale
Wed. Oct.4 to Sat. Oct. 14, 2017
Beaux-Arts, Brampton Gallery
70 Main St. N.
Brampton, ON
905 454 5677
Opening: Thurs. Oct. 5., 7 to 9 pm.


Having just finished a successful show in the Kawarthas, Robert has been very busy preparing for his Thanksgiving Hockley Valley Show October 7th to 9th.

Hope everyone gets a chance to meet our artists and enjoy their art.

September Crept In

Where did the summer go? September has dropped suddenly on us, and the SOVA artists are fully involved in exhibitions right now.

SOVA just completed a group exhibition in the Sisnett Lobby at the Halton Hills Cultural Centre. A lot of positive comments came our way, and the exhibition was very well received.


Steve has just completed this wonderful painting which will be hung in the Abbozzo Gallery .



This piece entitled "Reflecting" is a memorial to the Twin Towers and a tribute to mankind's resolve to pick up and move forward. The piece is 48" high by 28" wide Acrylic on Canvas, and has  several hidden images within this piece so drop by Abbozzo Gallery Sept 1st - 9th . Steve will be at the gallery Friday Sept 8th from 5 to 8pm.



Margaret is busy preparing for the Mcmichael Autumn show coming up in October. One of the beautiful new artworks this artist has accomplished is " LONE BISON".

Lone Bison- website.jpg



Artist Lynden Cowan was pleased that her oil painting "UCLUELET" was one of 55 artworks from 289 juried into the the upcoming Uxbridge exhibition Celebration of Hearts being held September 19th to Sept 24th at the  Uxbridge Municipal Building 51 Toronto St. South.

Ucluelet by Lynden Cowan Oil 24x30, 2016.jpg


Helen has several art shows on her horizon, and the closest one is  “The Tree Show”
Sept. 25 to Nov. 26, 2017
Neighbourhood Gallery
79 Hiawatha Road,
Toronto, ON
416 686 6809
Opening: Sun. Oct. 1, 12:00 to 1:00

In the recent exhibition at the Sisnett Lobby, this SOVA artist unfortunately had one of her artworks stolen. The artists work hard on their creations, spending long hours to complete their work before they are able to share their work with the public.

Stolen Artwork


Hope everyone gets a chance to meet our wonderful artists at their exhibitions.

Back to the easel :)






Active Artists

All of us are extremely active artists, creating artwork every day, or being in shows, active in our studios, or doing the time consuming book work (which non of us enjoy). 


SOVA artist Steve Wilson has been actively preparing for several upcoming shows. He will be joined by other SOVA artists  during Nuit Blanche at the Art Square Gallery, 334 Dundas St. W. in Toronto . The exhibition actually runs from Sept 25th to Oct 9th, with a " MEET THE ARTIST " event Saturday Sept 30th. 

Steve has also been invited to be in a special exhibition at the prestigious Abbozzo Gallery at 401 Richmond Street West, so take the opportunity to view this artists exciting new works of art.



This has been an exciting time for Margaret. 

She reports.......

Well this has been a good week for my Art Career. First, my two pieces titled "The Hunt"and "Protecting the Nest "have been accepted into the Animal Kingdom show in Toronto at Artusiasm. Second I have been invited back to the McMicheal 2017 Autumn Art Sale Fundraiser. Third my piece titled "Threes Company" has been accepted in the Society of Canadian Artist Open Juried Show. Feeling Blessed.


As well, Margaret will be in the Buckhorn Fine Arts Festival coming up Aug. 18th to 20th, and getting ready for the Art Square Gallery.

In June Margaret was pleased to have one of her pieces " How You Doing", an outstanding scratchboard artwork , receive Honourable Mention in the Light,Space & Time Gallery, in their Animals Art Exhibition. 

This wonderful artist has many exciting new works on the way, which you can see in her studio at the Alton Mill Arts Centre. For those who are creative, Margaret regularly runs two day workshops to teach people some of the techniques, so if you are so inclined, just contact the artist.



This talented SOVA artist favours fabric artwork, and is busy preparing pieces for upcoming shows. Paulette enjoys creating her own fibre, and at the moment is using Gotland (grey), natural wool from a sheep called Meadow and the same wool hand died using sumac flowers.

Natural and dyed wool spun together.




This busy SOVA artist was quite popular at the Toronto Outdoor Art festival held recently in Nathan Phillips Square, and sold several pieces.

Pinup chicks_30x40.jpg

" Pinup Chicks " ( pictured above), was awarded second place last January in the Etobicoke Arts Juried competition at Etobicoke Civic Centre.

The artist's painting titled "Blue Moose"  won "Best in Show" at the Landscapes 2 Colour and Form Society exhibition held last May in the Holcim Gallery in Milton.

 A young collectors purchased her first original artwork with her own money to start her personal collection.. Wonderful to see the development of Fine Art appreciation.

As well, Janice will be in the Oakville Art in the Park August 12th in booths 103 and 104,   Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park, Bronte Road and Ontario Street, and is getting ready for the Buckhorn Fine Arts Festival Aug 18th to 20th, at the Buckhorn Community Centre.

Further exhibitions are scheduled for later in the fall, but Janice will also be participating in the Supercrawl in Hamilton, Ont, Sept 8th and 10th, on James Street North.



Robert has been spending a lot of the past few weeks out in the woods, painting and subject hunting, but you can find him at times in his studio in Alton Mill where he is preparing artwork for his upcoming exhibitions in the Kawarthas Art Show September 2nd and 3rd, and the Thanksgiving Hockley Valley Show.




Recently SOVA artist Lynn Schumacher has had multiple sales such as "Early Spring Day", sold through Dragonfly Arts on Broadway in Orangeville , and the Westmount Gallery, as well as the Edge Gallery in Barrie.

"Adventure on the Bruce Trail" has been accepted to the Painting 2017 Juried Exhibition at the  prestigious John B. Aird Gallery in Toronto.

Lynn has also been spending long hours at her beautiful artwork, trying to complete paintings in preparation for the McMichael Autumn Art Sale Oct 20th to Oct 22nd in Kleinberg where she has been invited back again.



The Alton Mill Arts Centre is a very popular destination for people coming from all over, as recently demonstrated at the Wine and Food Festival where hundreds came for Toronto, and other cities across Ontario. A few ventured in from the United States.

 These artists are preparing to exhibit in the Art Square Gallery during Nuit Blanche . The exhibit runs from Sept 25th to Oct 9th , with a "Meet the Artist " event Saturday Sept 30, 334 Dundas St. W. Toronto. 

Lynden Cowan with her recently finished painting titled "Gully", 24 by 30 inch ,oil on canvas.


Helen has been working hard creating a new body of work for exhibitions. This SOVA artist enjoys working outside away from the confines of the studio, soaking up the natural lighting which lends itself to a softer approach in her artwork.

Above is artist Helen Duplassie painting plein air at Scottsdale Farm.

Helen has also taken on a different sort of artwork. The SOVA  artist will be creating a painting on a maple leaf background for charity.  

Don't forget there is still an exhibition with all nine of the SOVA artists taking place right now at the Sisnette Lobby , in the Halton Hills Cultural Centre, 9 Church St., Georgetown , until August 19th. 

Hope you are able to enjoy some  of these exhibitions.

Back to the studio now :D