This wonderful artist was selected to create the poster for   the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in 2015.
"Putting My Foot Down"
 Janice exhibited in the prestigious Artist Project in 2016.
"Canadian Landscape"
 Janice with some "personalities" at VAM.
"Judge Not"
"Mooving Forward"
"Pinup Chicks"
 Artist Janice Ykema with her Moose painting that The moose was at an Ontario Society of artistsshow at the Aird Gallery
 Janice is getting ready for an exhibition.
 Janice was in a group show in Turkey.
 Article in the Toronto Sun about artist Janice Ykema's animal portraits.
 One of Janice's pet portraits beside the subject :)
 Artist Janice Ykema at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair with Countess Sophie admiring her art 
 Artist Janice Ykema with one of her  artworks that was exhibited at the Holcim Gallery April 10 to 30, 2017.
 "Blue Moose" by SOVA artist Janice Ykema won "Best in Show" at the Landscapes 2 Colour and Form Society's exhibition at the Holcim Gallery in Milton, May 2017.
 Artist Janice Ykema working in her studio.
 "Ralph and the MacKenzies ", 24 by 36 inches, acrylic
 Artist Janice Ykema working on a new artwork called  "Meow Mix"
  The cat knows....the sky is NOT falling!  by Artist Janice Ykema
 Artist Janice Ykema at the Oakville Art in the Park.
  Nighttime Baa   by Janice Ykema
 Stepping out  by Janice Ykema
 Bak, Bak, Bak, Bach, acrylic,  48 by 36 inches
 Sir Squirrel Grey, acrylic, 18 by 24 inches
 moose, Moose, Goose , acrylic, 40 by 30 inch
 Being Neighbourly , acrylic, 36 by 24 inches
6A495821-D6BE-4EC3-A4BA-7D7770B657E9 (3).JPG
 Artist J anice Ykem a sold her wonderful acrylic painting  Out to Lunch  when teaching a 2019 workshop.
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